The ONE skills training you must master to compete at the elite level for TODAY'S GAME: SMALL AREA TRAINING! Power Edge Pro is the leader in small area skills training. PEP trains Rep players to play in small, confined, high traffic areas promotes the ability to maneuver in congested areas during games, especially when statistics tell us that two thirds of any game is played with all players concentrated in one zone. This kind of resistance training will help players master puck and agility skills to quickly create space and time needed to make plays. The Power Edge Pro training system trains skaters to perform a combination of skills and agility maneuvers simultaneously in and around the apparatus to simulate small area game situations. Repetition of PEP's unique patterns helps players become instinctive in their play, and makes it easier for players to apply and execute skills in game situations. This program focuses on stick handling and puck movement in confined areas, game situation and intensity in training, upper body co-ordination, constant quick feet action, read and react skills, edge control, creativity, change of direction, and speed training. Training and products used by NHL, AHL, OHL and NCAA players!