“The players can see their own improvement in quickness, agility and balance and keep going back for more. You will never outgrow the training.”

- Bob Hartley – Calgary Flames, Head Coach


Now Available  for Coaches and Minor Hockey Associations

  • The PEP-PAK is a support system for coaches and minor hockey associations to help develop and incorporate the best individual skills development training available today into practice sessions. The PEP-PAK is the ultimate skills program to assist coaches to deliver daily practice plans. Now you will be ready to educate, train, evaluate, support, and instruct your players.
  • The PEP Training system is a key to strengthening and improving the overall skill development of your association’s players. Teach 35 player’s skills with PEP and 35 players improve. TEACH 35 coaches how to teach skills with PEP and 500 players improve!! The PEP PAK is the ULTIMATE Coach’s Pak!
  • The PEP-PAK offers certified training, use of our PEP training equipment and the Ultimate Mobile Trainer APP. The program is designed to provide coaches and associations with the ultimate training system to instruct individual skills, individual tactics and stimulate players creativity.

It’s all we have talked about since I have been in Canadian Hockey League… Skill development. And this is exactly what we need to do from the Grass Roots levels to our league. Power Edge Pro is intense skill development, it’s repetitive and it’s unique.
– Sherry Bassin- General Manager, Erie Otters (OHL)

  • On average, a PEP player will take 50 shots, executes 45 cross overs, 65 power turns, 55 edge control moves, 45 change of direction movements, 35 balance and agility moves, 75 puck control/stickhandling moves, 45 weak side training moves, 40 transition moves. Players are forced to develop their weak side, no longer favouring strong side transition.
  • Constant repetitions of maneuvering pucks around, reaching over and through PEP Pro Trainer. Players develop stick and hand /eye co-ordination with speed and precision puck control. More Repetitions of Skills in LESS TIME.
  • ONE Power Edge Pro Training can give you MORE skill development than 30 games collectively with the time spent with the puck and executing skill patterns.
  • Fun! Players love the PEP training sessions. It allows players to work on developing skills that you CAN’T get from traditional drill based trainings with pylons.