The best stick handling techniques around the world are made better when training with the McDavid Dangler. Develop your saucer pass, master your toe drags through the open lane and multi positional stick. Dramatically improve hand speed & stick co-ordination. Develop precision puck control, fakes, moves and MORE…

The McDavid Dangler is the ideal trainer to keep your skills sharp! Players love the challenges of limited space for puck movement and stick handling. The functionality of the Mcdavid Dangler provides players the resistance they need to make serious gains in elite puck control


With an “open passing lane” at the front of McDavid Dangler and an open lane between the PEP stick attachment, players can simulate real game situational puck manoeuvring with challenging resistance. The multi directional stick attachment will force you to develop and master your toe drag, backhand toe drag and other McDavid stick handling moves.